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Jorge Arturo Valero

b. 1967, Mexico City

What is human, if not a catalyst to express the abstract form.

There is a type of transcendence that occurs in Art, an almost contradictory hypnotic state of awareness. It’s the existence of the relationship between a painting and its viewer, an obscure vocabulary that is only recognized by each individual, my mother would say, “ I know what I like.”

There’s intentional evasiveness in my work, these are the things that are implied. When figures and nature are more about shapes and atmosphere they are reduced to emotion, this mood is their strength. Abstraction, by its very nature is disconnected and ambiguous, it’s this detachment from reality that allows it to become a middle ground for cognitive subject matter, familiar but not specific, a sense of place, but from a separate reality.

When a painting is finished, it becomes fixed in time, self affirmed. The Artist and Viewer are trading places and it’s the Viewer’s intuition and memory that validate the work, this is how children interpret clouds.

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Brief History

I developed a fascination for Art at an early age and at 12, was asked to attended studio classes at Lock Haven University. Unfortunately, this only lasted 2 years and I am self taught otherwise.

In 1989 I moved close to Manhattan to grow as an artist. In 1995 I turned to Illustration and was published by the Washington Post a year later. I soon became a regular with the LA Times and have since worked with hundreds of newspapers and magazines. The kind of conceptual work I do is typically suited for editorial content. But, this kind of problem solving works well in many other areas from, corporate publications and institutional material to advertising on a lot of levels. I have been published in Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, Australia, China and throughout the United States. See client list below.

In 2005, I started personal work again. Expressing myself, instead of predetermined content was liberating and by 2007, had a series of 30 paintings and got on with two galleries. Then, the recession happened and people stopped buying art. The dip in the economy gave me the opportunity to think about why the majority of people are disconnected from modern art. Why is it that some people like it, when the reasons for making it are usually so vague. There’s certainly no shortage of perplexing terms in modernism but, it does lack clear communication. When I examined my own work, I realized that it too, lacked an, “explainable,” method, which was troubling. How could I continue painting if my work was derivative, simply decorative or void of meaning. This realization started a journey of self discovery that I’m still exploring today.

Clients Include:

The U.S. Post Office, TIME Magazine, Prudential, GTE, L.A. Times, New York Times, Detroit Free Press, The Washington Post, Miami New Times, Dow Jones and Co., Foreign Service Journal, Governing, American Banker, Datamation, Globe Communications, Metropolis Corp, American Prospect, Kiwanis, Cahners Publishing, McMurry Publishing, Computer World, Net Guide, Network World, Fallon Health Care Systems, Interactive week, Remedy Magazine, NYU Magazine, MKW Advertising, CMP Media, Kirchoff Wohlberg, Liebchen and Liebchen, Helsinki Design Media, Pro-Assurance, The Hartford Courant, Boston College, Berkley Law, Chronicle of Higher Education, Northeastern University Magazine, Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Saint Mary’s College, Booz-Allen, Big City Brand Co., Corporation Design, Curran Connors, Maiden RE, Hermes, Highbridge Voices, IBM Systems Magazine, Journalism Review, Intelligent Enterprise Management, Strang Communications, Shostak Studios, Saint-Gobain Corp Creative Services, Psychotherapy Networker Magazine, Reed Business Logistics Management, Nursing Management Magazine, Nursing 400, New Times, News 400, Massachusetts Directory TPG Creative, Mail Fulfillment Services Association, Information Week, INC Publishing, Health IT, e-Commerce, Electronic Business, Chronic Pain Perspectives, Corporate Dealmaker, Bussolati, ASCA, Alegro Designs, Mercer, Columbia Business School, ASAE, Financial Times, UNUM, Latin Grammy Awards, National Assoc. of Realty, The Catholic Health Association, Grayton Group, United Airlines, 4Seasons/ American Express and others.


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