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Contemporary Artist  •  Charleston, S.C.
New Series Coming Soon:  It Was Never Eden
The construct of a perfect paradise is a misnomer, a misleading ideal that never was as it seemed. A paradise with restrictions and penalties simply cannot exist.

The Beaded Curtain

The Beaded Curtain is a series that explores the hidden areas in human psychology and identifies repressed emotions, private thoughts and public misnomers. Because there are things I have yet to realize, this series uses a number system for titles which simply totals the amount of circles or diamonds on the painting.

Dead Reckoning

Dead reckoning is not a series, it’s more of a period in my life and a way of making a type of art that’s not entirely complete. While this is probably a viable way to make art under certain circumstances, it’s just not right for me anymore. However, the process and self realization allowed me to grow and discover more about myself which led to the beaded curtain.

Startup Project

An Artist Submission Portal where Gallery Owners are able to Select and Endorse specific works of Art on commission. The Artwork they select becomes available on the public facing side of Emergart. This unique structure begins the first steps in an Artist-Gallery relationship and at the same time, lets Art Collectors Discover Incredible Artwork that is Endorsed by Multiple Art World Experts.